Remote Ally provides quality and comprehensive solutions when it comes to your security needs. We only work with the industries best in IP camera technology and security equipment to ensure that the integrity of our systems are of the highest standard. Remote Ally's management team are experts in the security industry and pioneered the methods to market, design, install, maintain, and service IP cameras in the commercial marketplace. With the support of our experienced and trained professionals at Remote Ally, you can have the confidence that your security needs are covered.

Some of the services Remote Ally offers include:

Video Surveillance

We provide a High Definition IP camera system that one can access anywhere in the world via an internet connection, monitor real-time video and audio (optional), as well as access recorded video.

POS Integration

Integration with a POS system allows tracking of transaction details, cancellations, return items, discounted items, manual entries, and more. You can access detailed reports of this through a simple search function.

Offsite Video Storage

Store your video on our servers as a backup or have the ability to access stored video from anywhere using the latest in cloud technology.

Mobile Management

Access your system across multiple platforms and hundreds of devices. You are in total control of your system from anywhere, at any time.

With the ability to cover all of your security needs as one provider, and giving you peace of mind while you are away, we can truly become your Remote... Ally.